Malmanis Consulting and Engineering, LLC


  • MPE Pilot Program - MCE has augmented the technical resources of other consulting firms by providing soil and groundwater remediation experience and know-how.  In 2010, MCE implemented a pilot program demonstrating the effectiveness of multi phase extraction (MPE) for the remediation of a LUST site with a gasoline release.  MCE designed, permitted, installed and operated a MPE system on a pilot scale over a two month period, successfully extracting soil vapor, free product and contaminated groundwater from the LUST site in Pinal County, Arizona.
  • Leaking Underground Storage Tank Site - MCE conducted a subsurface investigation to characterize the extent of contaminated soil from a gasoline release from an underground storage tank. After the site characterization was approved by ADEQ, soil vapor samples were collected, a risk assessment based on modeling using the Johnson & Ettinger model was completed and ADEQ granted closure for the site.
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