Malmanis Consulting and Engineering, LLC

Compliance Support

  • Concrete Product Manufacturer - MCE has supported a Phoenix concrete products manufacturer's environmental compliance program for five years.  The scope of work has included development of SPCC and SWPPP Plans, air permit renewals and modifications, annual emissions inventory reporting, and assistance with MCAQD inspection responses.  MCE assisted its client in bringing compliance programs up to date during acquisition of new facility in Phoenix, coordinating permit transfers and identifying procedures and equipment needing upgrading to meet current regulations.
  • Electric Power Company - MCE updated the SPCC Plan for a service center of an electric power company to comply with the 2010 changes in SPCC regulations.  MCE continues to provide technical support for upgrades in tank systems, hydraulic lifts and spill prevention systems at the service center.
  • Petroleum Products Distributor - When a regional fuel transportation company acquired a terminal for its fleet of tankers for petroleum products distribution in Arizona, MCE completed a Phase I and Phase II ESA of the terminal.   As operations were initiated, MCE prepared SPCC and SWPPP Plans for the facility to reflect its current operations
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